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Dmitri Demiashkin was born in 1982 in the Russian regional centre of Saransk. He commenced his musical studies at age seven in the ancient city of Kazan. The call of the capital first came two years later when Demiashkin’s piano teacher moved to Moscow to take up a post at the Moscow State Conservatory and Dmitri followed her.
After an initial award at a prestigious Russian competition in 1992, Demiashkin’s string of wins became pan-European the following year with accolades in the Czech Republic after scarcely having turned 11. This was the start of a veritable tour de force continuing up to the present which would see Demiashkin receiving prizes, for example in 1994 the 1st prize at the International TV competition „Bravo Bravissimo“ in Cremona Italy, in 2002 the 1st prize at the 3rd International Russian Music Piano Competition in San José CA, or in 2007 the 3rd prize at the International Beethoven Competition in Bonn.
In 1999 Dmitri Demiashkin moved to Switzerland with the aid of a full scholarship from the Lyra foundation of the Vontobel Bank, to study at the Winterthur Conservatory and the Zurich University of the Arts under Prof. Konstantin Scherbakov and Prof. Homero Francesch. Demiashkin’s studies in Zurich not only brought him a concert diploma with distinction (2005) and the soloist diploma (2007), but also the honour of a teaching position at the University of the Arts, which Demiashkin commenced in 2008.
Dmitri Demiashkin performed in innumerable concerts in more than fifteen countries throughout the Northern Hemisphere and is a regular soloist with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra Moscow with Vladimir Fedoseyev.
In 2007 Demiashkin was conferred the Russian title Honoured Artist of the Republic of Mordovia. Since 2012 he is a member of the official "Steinway Artist" family.
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